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Wrap It Up, I'll Take It

Vehicle Wraps are a great way to turn your car or truck into a moving billboard. They are printed on high-quality, durable vinyl material and can be applied to any vehicle without causing any damage to the paint. Vehicle Wraps are perfect for advertising, promoting your brand, or just adding a unique look to your ride.

Commerical Wraps.jpg


Vehicle Branding

Cimico Signs provides the complete Vehicle Branding service, from design to installation. Our experienced graphic designers will work with you to create a modern and unique design that showcases your company. We ensure a lasting impression!


Half Wrap

Half-Wraps are an excellent way to advertise your brand and get your message across. They are a cost-effective way of wrapping your vehicle, as they use less material per surface area. Half-Wraps can be just as effective as full wraps!



Full Wrap

Full wraps are an eye-catching and affordable way to showcase your brand on your vehicle. They utilize the entire vehicle, allowing for maximum visibility and impact. Our experienced designers will work with you to create an impactful design that will help you stand out in your industry.


Custom-Sized Graphics

We can create contour-cut graphics for any area of your vehicle! The most common use is for individual letters and numbers, but we can also print contour-cut logos and graphics wherever you would like.

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